We are a cohort of former high-achieving GenX corporate professionals who have escaped the corporate confines, dedicated to finding freedom, balance and purpose without compromising income

Does this sound like you?

Understanding and managing all aspects of a business is overwhelming and creates uncertainty

  • You are at capacity and it is burning you out
  • You are frustrated by not growing fast enough
  • You feel alone or isolated running the business 
  • You have a few customers but you are not sure how to scale
  • You know you need help but are not sure who to ask

We are here for you! 

We created Hardwired for Growth to help you answer these questions

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Our Promise

We’ve been where you are, and we're here to help

At Hardwired for Growth, we surround you with a trusted team of advisors providing expert advice and services to help you scale your Revenue


The mistake many GenX Business Owners make is they try and answer the wrong question: “How can I do it all?”  The right question to ask is “Who can help me?”

We Can!

We are the One-Stop-Shop for GenX business owners looking to scale!

FREE Strategy Session

We will:

  • Advocate for you and your business and cut through the BS
  • Accelerate your growth by removing unnecessary friction
  • Minimize your investment risk in people, process, or technology
  • Be a sounding board and provide honest feedback
  • Blend strategy, planning, and accountability
  • Provide custom advice for each business owner- nothing generic or cookie cutter
Frequently Asked Questions

Our Solutions

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Resource Concierge (as a Service)

You won’t be able to 10x your business alone. You will need help from people, partners, and tools (possibly all 3). The big challenge is WHO do you hire or work with? This is the number 1 challenge facing GenX and ALL business owners. 

How It Works:

  • 1:1 Discovery Session: Determine what help you need
  • Access to a highly vetted network of specialists
  • We help you cut through the BS and help you buy only what you REALLY need
  • We help you track and manage the return on your investments
  • We will minimize your risk with your investments
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Advisory Board as a Service

Personal Advisory Board (as a service)

Solo business owners rarely have access to expertise in all areas of a business. We changed that with this program. Our virtual advisory boards can help with Strategic Advice, Network Connections, and Specialized Expertise. We help you 10x your business

The Program includes:

  • Dedicated 1:1 Monthly Coaching Sessions: Accountability-Strategy-Ideation
  • Real-time Q&A- ask unlimited questions and get real answers from functional experts
  • Access to our members-only community and access to our 1:1 programs and services
  • Your Resource Concierge: People, Partners & Tools
  • Access to our networks
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The 10X Growth Coaching Program

GenX Business owners face unique challenges as they navigate away from corporate. The 10x program focuses on vision, mindset, and accountability. In return, you will gain confidence, reduce your time to growth, and minimize risk

The Program Includes:

  • 1:1 Monthly Coaching Sessions: Accountability-Strategy-Ideation
  • Unlimited Q&A Between Sessions
  • Access to our members-only 1:1 programs and services
  • Membership in the Hardwired for Growth Collective
  • Month-to-Month: No long-term commitments
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Our Featured Advisors

John Arms: Fractional CMO

John Arms: Fractional CMO

Mary Claire Mandeville: Fractional CEO

Mary Claire Mandeville: Fractional CEO

Brandon Mateika: SMB Senior Advisor

Brandon Mateika: SMB Senior Advisor

Michael Haynes: SMB Growth Specialist

Michael Haynes: SMB Growth Specialist

Emily Einolander: Copy Writing Advisor

Emily Einolander: Copy Writing Advisor

Paul Shirley- Optimization Advisor

Paul Shirley- Optimization Advisor

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About Us

Hi! My name is Brett Trainor and I am a Corporate Escapee

I exited corporate America almost 4 years ago...and took back control of my career and more importantly my life.

During my 4-year escapee journey, I have learned many lessons on how to build highly profitable and efficient service businesses.

I have combined my fundamental corporate experience with my escapee learnings to create Hardwired for Growth.

This is the service I wish I had when I started my post-corporate career.

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